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What Is Rockstar HVAC?

We are an Employment Agency For HVAC Technicians. We Help HVAC Techs find Better Jobs and Help Companies Hire Them. That's it, One Singular Focus Executed to Perfection. If you need help hiring other positions please visit one of our partner companies. 

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You Need HVAC TECHS & Installers ASAP! Job Ads Don't Work

Experience Is Everything

Your  company's reputation relies on good techs who know what they are doing, show up on time and treat your customers with respect. You don't have time to train them on everything, you need techs that are ready to work day one!

Immediately Is Not Soon Enough

 If you need a tech or installer, you need them yesterday. Being understaffed means turning away jobs, relying on 3rd party solutions or burning out your existing technicians and paying tons in OT. Not having enough techs on staff is an expensive problem. 

Job Ads Don't Work For HVAC

 Good techs and installers rarely find the need for a job board. There are more jobs available than technicians so the best ones are never looking. You need an active search to find them. If you are relying on a job ad to make your next hire you will be choosing from a smaller and less qualified pool of candidates. 

Attitudes Are Contagious

A technician with a bad attitude is like a cancer for your company. That attitude will spread and will turn away customers. You need techs that are passionate about the trade, willing to help each other and stay late when needed. When hiring look at both the hard and soft skills.

Keep Criminals Out of Your Service Trucks

Keep your customers secure, don't hire another technician without performing pre-employment background checks. Keeping the wrong people out of your company is just as important as getting the right people in. 

We Can Help

 Rockstar HVAC is your best solution for hiring HVAC Technicians & Installers. Call 1-833-762-5787 to find out how we can help. 

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The Rockstar Advantage

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Focused Approach

 At its core, Rockstar HVAC is a niche recruiting firm focused on HVAC Technicians - but we take that focus to the next level. Many firms care only about their next placement - not us!  We care about building partnerships and ensuring the right fit. Every company and every technician has a different wish list; we take the time to listen to what you actually need, not just what we think you need. 

HVAC Technician performing repairs

Real Recruiting

 We limit the number of searches that our recruiters work on so they can give each search the time and attention that they need. Most of the best HVAC Technicians are not on job boards, so you need a recruiter who will do more than just post and pray.  Many recruiting firms load their recruiters up with 40+ searches, but if your recruiter is working on over 40 job orders there is no way they properly recruit. 

Industrial HVAC for a large commercial building

Confident Results Backed By Extended Warranty

 When you take the time to get to know the mechanics and understand the search, you can really stand behind your search. This is why all placements come standard with a 6 month warranty and a 2 week 'try before you buy' trial period. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. 

HRAI Member Company

Rockstar Is Proud To Be A Member of the Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada 

I need A Rockstar

Rockstar Recruiters

 It takes a Rockstar to find a Rockstar. Our team of recruiters are experienced working with HVAC Technicians and the companies that employ them. We know the questions to ask to separate the Rockstars from the losers. Recruiting HVAC Technicians is not the same as recruiting for an admin position; don't trust your search to a generalist firm or a rookie recruiter.  

Huge Network of HVAC Technicians

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 We work with a large network of HVAC Technicians throughout North America, most of whom are not actively searching for work and thus not applying on job boards. Wherever your job is, we can find you your mechanic. Get access to a different pool of candidates. 

Contingency Based (No Fee Until You Are Satisfied)

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 We are a contingency based employment agency. This means no money down, and no cancellation fees.  We are only paid when your mechanic is successfully hired and settled in.


Experienced Recruiters

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 All of our recruiters have several years of experience helping HVAC Technicians find new jobs, they can help you find the right job and make sure you get paid what you deserve. Your career is way to important to trust with someone fresh out of school. 

Huge Network Of Contacts

Large crowd of HR Professionals

 Sometimes it's not about how much you know, but rather who you know -  and we know everyone. We can get you in front of the decision makers at the companies you want to work with. We work with leading employers right across North America; we have contacts wherever you want to go. 

Full Service At No Cost

HVAC Technician performing a repair

 Rockstars are paid to perform, not set up their own gigs. You give us your ideal location, pay range, shift, and job details, and we will take care of the rest. We will contact leading employers on your behalf, and get interviews lined up for you. There is no obligation and we take care of all the leg work at no cost to you. 


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